The Monarch Journey

3 decades of excellence, from how it all began to where we are now below is a brief insight into the last 30 years.

1989 The Big Bang: Company Started

Company started as Coolmeat Ltd in 1989

1994 Moved to a New Office

Move to our head office to Finnieston with 5 staff

2003 The Monach Team Grew

Monarch’s reputation was growing and with success the team increased from 5 to 8

2010 Monarch Where on the Move Again

We moved to our current head office location in Glasgow’s Govan area of the city best known for it ship building and industrial history

2011 John Weir’s Monarch Journey Started

A future director and owner of the Govan based business however long before this John’s Grandad George worked in the historic Govan ship yards and his Uncle George had his own business which was also based in Govan. John clocked up the miles driving lorries across the UK and Europe before moving into the transport management side of the haulage industry and therefore has an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience, from the front line of being on the roads, managing and exceeding customer expectations to leading the Monarch team John understands the entire journey, you could say along with Govan that haulage is in his DNA.

2014 Derek Anderson’s Monarch Career Began

Derek was recruited by Monarch for his transport management experience and he quickly established himself and became a part of the Monarch senior management team however, when he started in 2014 he wasn’t to know that he would in just 3 years own the company along with his colleague John Weir. Derek’s dad was a lorry driver in the 60’s & 70’s and worked for two Coatbridge based firms, just like his son he climbed up the ranks and became a transport manager and then an area manager. Derek has worked in the haulage industry for 31 years and during that time he has worked for a number reputable haulage and transport companies where he gained invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge and contacts. Derek was just 18 when he got his first job for a Glasgow based haulage company but he still has a lot more miles to add to his impressive 3 decades worth.

2017 New Kings of Monarch

John and Derek completed the management buy out on 15th of December 2017

2018 Alicante Office Opened

We opened our European Office in April 2018 with Louise Currie and Conner Regan at the helm

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